5th January, 2019

Photo: Adam Kenworthy

What does inspiration mean to you? For me, it’s time spent around creatives. I’ve surrounded myself IRL and on social media with a small but fantastic community of artists whose craft is authentic and pure genius. Seeing daily the magic they create is one of the best feelings in the world.

What I love about my art circle is no matter what time or what day, there’s always something unique that captures my eye. When I’m there, I am surrounded by people who inspire me, people who love showing me the gems of their ingenious imagination. The beauty they create excites and challenges me every day to get out of my comfort zone and keep developing my own craft.

I recently discovered vegan chef Adam Kenworthy. A true artist, Chef AK stands out effortlessly above the fray with his original point of view. His visual recipes are a minute-long art movies which arrest with a perfect confluence of imagination, styling, and direction. Breaking the rules of convention, Adam creates a world where eclectic music brings a rhythm to a recipe and the exquisite aesthetic of raw ingredients transforms them into edible works of art. Adam’s unrehearsed cameos are my favorite, especially the falling fruit triptychs showcasing the chef’s Michelangelesque hands.

Chef AK experiments not only with flavors, but with colors, shapes and textures creating a fully loaded sensory experience... Imagine yellow delicata squash aqueducts and wine colored radicchio sautéed with disheveled shallots and the earthy flowers of maitake with dust of lemon peel on top... Then he folds cubes of creamy avocado and speckled dragon fruit in translucent orbs of jicama or piles up a mountain of citrusy carrot ribbons before dressing them with yellow pepper roasted to perfection... He mandolins zucchini leaves, gently stirs the pale orange of sweet potato hash, chases paper off of rolling garlic heads... But I can go on for a while...

Check out Adam’s website and Instagram for some stunning visual and culinary inspiration! His art is the kind of creativity I crave.


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